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How to create an amazing social media shareable

  Did you know if you add a picture to your tweet or Facebook post, you increase the chance of your content being shared? An easy way to make stunning social media shareables is by using Canva, an online design tool. Canva is amazing. You only need to know how to drag and drop images to […]

Advertising Tip: Keep web copy short

Can you guess how many sentences in a paragraph you can read on the web before you start to drift off and daydream about unicorns and fairies or stop reading my article altogether? The magic number is 3. Keep your web paragraphs short and your customers will thank you for it.  

3 Unique Ways To Increase Creativity At Work

I used to wait for creativity to hit me like an inspiring bolt out of the universe, but once my job depended on creativity (writing), I realized I needed some ways to find it on demand. If you have been looking for some innovative ways to boost your creativity, try these following methods: 1. Write […]

Tool to read and share news 50% quicker

Do you want to keep up with current news, but on your terms? What if I told you that you can: Find shareable content for social media such as Twitter and Facebook in half the amount of time View only the websites you want to see on one page Well you’ve come to the right […]