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8 Tools To Boost Creativity In Your Office

Being a creative can be tough as you need to have amazing ideas on demand. Luckily we have some exciting tools to help you through the artistic journey. Here are 8 tools to add to your office to boost creativity. 1. Bed desks Image credit Sleepiness can be one of the biggest creativity sucks. However […]

Two Classic Advertising Books That Changed My Life

When I started copywriting I read an array of books, but two classic advertising books really stuck with me. If you’ve been searching for some inspiring advertising books to read, or to gift as presents for your creative friends, check out these two classic advertising books that changed my life… Ogilvy on Advertising – David […]

How To Turn Heads With a Headline

Rolls-Royce know how to write killer ads. They understand that on average, 5 times as many people read headlines of copy compared to body content. Your headlines are basically your one shot to attract your readers to your product. In fact headlines are so impactful that according to advertising mastermind David Ogilvy, putting a new […]