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Podcast: Why Creativity Matters To Every Business Entrepreneur

I am super excited to chat with Christine Monaghan on Entrepreneur Conversations on November 30th about why creativity matters to every business entrepreneur and how you can put it into place with our Ready, Aim, Fire Method. Check out the podcast Visit iTunes, Stitcher or Blog Talk Radio on November 30th at 3pm. Until then, here’s a sneak peak of […]

What do a Blue Turtle, a Pink Peacock and 3,000 Books Have In Common?

The Answer: SmilesbyPocock. Last year, North Shore’s orthodontic specialist, Dr. Paul Pocock and his wife Sharon Pocock decided to hold a drive to collect books for the Blue Turtle Elementary School in Calcutta. Clients, kids and friends of SmilesbyPocock all brought their used books to the orthodontic office. Dr. Pocock and his SmilesbyPocock staff collected […]

How to Find your Core Values and Put Them into Your Work

Did you know we all have core values that we believe in? For example think of the three most happy moments in your life and write down 5 words that described each experience. Some examples are love, beauty, connection, nature, humour, adventure, fun, authenticity, spirituality, etc. It’s likely there’s a common thread between these experiences […]