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It’s A Wrap – Not.

I’m writing to challenge you to a wrapping-paper free Christmas. Matt and I have decided not to buy wrapping paper, again, and I’m writing to ask you to just think about what buying those lovely rolls of paper means. I did a little research and found out the following, which I’d like to share with […]

We’re proud innerpreneurs!

We recently came across a phrase that stopped us in our tracks: Innerpreneur. For years we’ve been trying to sum up what Creative Wonders is all about, but no acronym, phrase or labeled sub-group quite did it. Not completely, anyways. The past few years, we’ve described our agency as LOHAS  (lifestyles of health and sustainability). […]

Sam’s Halloween Rant

Halloween has become an ironic holiday. Much like Trix breakfast cereal, its associated festivities – candy, make-believe and costumes, crafts involving candlelit squash and construction paper bats – are often deemed “for kids” only. Adults do not often partake in these quaintly childish activities, although they may engage with the ubiquitous commercialism of the Halloween […]

Lululemon: Right idea. Wrong creative.

Lululemon’s most recent campaign, dubbed “Pro-Reality”, is intended to motivate people to get away from the TV, internet and cell phones and spend more time outdoors. A great message—and one that makes sense coming from purveyors of all things Yoga—but the ads themselves fall short of achieving, well, much of anything. A recent article on […]

Paper Inspiration

What inspires us? I once remember going to a Claymation festival. After we watched the films we talked with the producers and I asked: Why? Why do you do it? It takes so long and it is so much work. His answer was simple: “Why not?” I think the longer answer is: fascination. When we […]

Is VANOC Copyright Crazy?

As the Olympics draw closer, so do the many controversies surrounding it. One more quiet issue is the question of copyrights. VANOC and the IOC have trademarked words and numbers such as games, gold, silver, sponsor, Vancouver, medals, tenth, 10th, 2010 and 21st. What? They own numbers now? I don’t think I’m okay with that. […]

Meet Google’s smarter sibling!

Check out, a highly ambitious new search engine designed to give answers to objective, knowledge-based questions: dates, facts, calculations, formulations and other brainiac type stuff. It’s in its early stages, but you can still give it a test run with a sciency question or two. Its capabilities and the highly usable organization of the […]

The 2009 Extra Awards

The winners of the 2009 Extra Awards have been announced, and we have a couple of favourites we’d like to highlight. The Extra Awards honours creative excellence in newspaper advertising.  While much of the glory goes to the creative team and the advertising agency, proper recognition should also go to the marketers who desire, demand […]

Who gets the credit for creative genius?

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the “freakishly successful” book (as she describes it) “Eat, Pray, Love” shares her enlightened insights into the source of creativity. Where does creativity come from? Why are so many artists and creative types plagued with dark thoughts and inner turmoil? To answer this question, she looked back through history and discovered […]