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The Art of Communication

Are you a chatty sort, always keep in touch with friends, can strike up a conversation with a random stranger, can talk with teenagers as well as grandmothers, can burn the ears off of your spouse? So you think you communicate well? Probably….not. Communication is an art, it can be a bridge builder, a hand […]

ScrapArtsMusic – Imagination Station!

ScrapArtsMusic – Imagination Station! Does the idea of five good looking guys, muscles rippling, testosterone on overload, jumping around a stage beating drums sound like a good night out to you? Why, of course! ‘Bring it on’ I hear you yell! (Gentlemen, bare with me here)… What may surprise you about this scenario is exactly […]


  STEVE AND BILL   INT:            COFFEE SHOP            NORTH VANCOUVER            DAY   STEVE and BILL sit opposite each other in this overly busy meeting place. Both are mid to late sixties.   CLARA, a middle-aged waitress, approaches their table and places two coffees down in front of them.   BILL Thank you, my darling.   […]