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June 9th Vancouver Leadership Bootcamp – Register today!

WHAT IS CREATEABILITY BOOTCAMP – TEAM 101? OUR philosophy is leaders build leaders.  Whether you are a team of one or a team of many, TEAM 101 will show you how to build the solid foundation of your team.  If you already work with people TEAM 101 will show you how to connect or re-connect and ground your […]

Advertising Tip: Keep web copy short

Can you guess how many sentences in a paragraph you can read on the web before you start to drift off and daydream about unicorns and fairies or stop reading my article altogether? The magic number is 3. Keep your web paragraphs short and your customers will thank you for it.  

The Kidney Foundation’s, ‘Kidney Metals’ Program

It’s just not enough anymore to recycle your milk jugs…you can now recycle the sink you washed them in! Don’t stop at the kitchen sink either. Dig out those old metal wheelbarrows, garden tools, pipes, washers, dryers, bbq’s, bicycles and aluminium ladders. What makes this recycling project even better is that the funds collected from […]