The Kidney Foundation’s, ‘Kidney Metals’ Program

The Kidney Foundation’s, ‘Kidney Metals’ Program

It’s just not enough anymore to recycle your milk jugs…you can now recycle the sink you washed them in! Don’t stop at the kitchen sink either. Dig out those old metal wheelbarrows, garden tools, pipes, washers, dryers, bbq’s, bicycles and aluminium ladders. What makes this recycling project even better is that the funds collected from your old metal goes directly to The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Here’s how it works: If you would like to recycle a few items you can drop them off at an ABC Recycling location. If you or your business has a large amount of metal to recycle, a bin will be brought to your location and, once collected, the materials will be taken to ABC Recycling to get weighed and valued and in return you or your business will be issued with an official tax receipt. What a great way to keep metals out of the landfill and help a great cause at the same time.

It’s that simple.

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Another recycling project that we love here at Creative Wonders is also run by The Kidney Foundation. It’s the ‘Kidney Car’ program. Many of us, having lived in different parts of Canada and the world may be use to people using their vehicles until they literally fall apart, so it’s still quite fascinating to find out that you can donate your car for recycling, (not just cars either… trucks, boats, motor homes, motor cycles, trailers and atv’s!) All funds collected from the recycled vehicle will go directly to helping people in Canada who live with Kidney Disease. You’ll also receive a free tow, an official tax receipt and lose that eyesore sitting in your driveway, not to mention the excellent Car-ma! Every part of the vehicle will be recycled, even down to the fluids. The Kidney Car program is available in The Lower Mainland, The Fraser Valley, Kelowna and Vancouver Island.

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